Götelonica is an ambition, a product of creative daydreaming, like all the bridges ever built used to be, right before actual construction began. Powered by two individuals having migrated to Gothenburg and Thessaloniki, this portal is the platform on which the identities of those two cities find common ground. Everyday stories, vivid images, mutual interests and hopeful efforts will be the cargo of a ship such as this.

The actual purpose? To become a home for the shared experience of living and working in these two co-capitals and also provide whatever link necessary, to anyone willing to meet them.

Hop on, the ride is enjoyable already

John / Sofia



John Kapsaskis considers writing about music a pleasure equivalent to listening, and has been strolling through websites and blogs since 1997. Once upon a time a physical education teacher with a degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, focused on the biomechanics of baseball, now finds peaceful solace in running a record store and raising a daughter.

Sofia Pyrgioti is a greek born writer, with involvement with several internet portals and in-print magazines. She has acquired her Bachelor in linguistics from A.U.TH and her Master in Communication from University of Gothenurg, where she currently resides and has built her creative home. 



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